Bringing substance to style

A unique characteristic of the apparel retail industry is the speed with which styles, design, and fashion keep changing. In such a dynamic scenario, there is a need for apparel retailers to have a robust system to manage inventory. The Greytrix Apparel Integration Add-On empowers apparel retailers by offering a comprehensive tool that not only gives a 360-degree view of inventory, but also integrates seamlessly with Sage 300’s ERP modules.


Some of the key features include:

360-Degree Inventory View  

It is a comprehensive and powerful solution with integrated Finance, Operations, and Inventory modules. Equipped with an intuitive user interface, it helps apparel retailers to maintain, transact, and analyze large inventories by style, color, and size.

Captures Unlimited Styles

No matter how many designs, colors, and images need to be stored, the Greytrix Apparel Integration Add-On enables apparel retailers to systematically save as many as they want depending on the organization’s need. Additionally, it provides an exclusive Style Master for item generation.

Seamless Integration

Among its greatest strengths is the tool’s capability to seamlessly integrate with Sage 300 ERP and world-class third-party POS and WMS solutions. It can also be easily integrated with special localized taxation modules for accurate billing and accounting requirements.

Intelligent Reporting

While the Greytrix Apparel Integration Add-On provides generic reports along with style images, it also provides inbuilt reports for retail analytics. This equips retailers to draw critical insights and detect market trends to give them a competitive edge.


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