Focused Greytrix


Our highly skilled team is dedicated to the horizontal and vertical scanning of all products. Their focus is concentrated on SMB ERP, CRM and Business Application platforms, as well as on identifying all existing loopholes and missing pieces. This extreme focus results in end users receiving complete solutions that go far beyond satisfaction. 

Approachable Greytrix


Greytrix welcomes one and all with open arms. Whether a small or large organization, a one man shop or a multinational, a small business application or thousands of hours of implementation or something in between... everyone is invited. Our aim is to complement you, not compete with you. 

Commitment with Greytrix


Greytrix knows that the secret to achieving the best possible solutions lies in working together, hand in hand. Real commitment requires true dedication, and we have that in spades. We guarantee that you will receive only the most effective integration, migration and building services from us. We look forward to serving you in every quarter. 

Turnaround of Greytrix


Greytrix is reputed to have the quickest service and fastest turnaround time. Our service and speed of delivery remains unaffected by time zones. 

Outstanding Quality of Greytrix

Outstanding Quality:

Greytrix has over 300 years of experience in the industry. We have served over 700 resellers, with more than 25,000 modification and customization projects in the SME sector. Our experience has resulted in world class quality control systems and processes, the highest certifications and an ironclad commitment towards only offering the best solutions.

Return on Investment

Return on Investment:

Our highly effective solutions guarantee that you will receive the maximum ROI for each and every task or project. Our expertise translates into huge cost benefits for you, in the form of unparalleled savings, high repeat customers and the highest level of productivity.

Greytrix Differential Factor


What separates Greytrix from other providers is our Differential Factor. This special element which Greytrix brings on the table is the extra edge that results in world class solutions.


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