Self-Service Portal: The next step towards Customer Service

An immediate access to information without having to wait for an email response or telephone call is what a customer expects from any service. Today, self-service portals have made its onset in industries and they are slowly progressing replacing the traditional deskbound customer service. According to a report from Gartner, 72% of customers have started using self-service web portals that provides resolution to their product/service related queries. Retrieval of a lost password, instant access of important data from the knowledge center without any difficulty has been possible with self-service portals.


Self-service portals enable and empowers users to solve their own product related problems, thereby increasing the efficiency and reducing the reliance on level one support team. This eventually reduces the staffing costs which leaves with maintenance costs of the self-service portals. To bring mobility in managing queries of the clients and improving the response rate, we bring to your organization CRM Self-Service.

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Features of CRM Self-Service

  • Case Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • FAQs
  • Downloads
  • Email Templates
  • Integration with CRM
  • Internal and External User Profiles
  • Themes and Customization
  • Google Analytics

Rethinking case management with CRM Self-Service

With case management feature, your organization can address issues of the clients timely and effectively. An interactive dashboard allows you to access all the information at a glance. Every specific case can be assigned to the users thereby saving the crucial response time for the cases. Users can now have a detailed information on the history of the cases, additional information of communications, and profile history giving you the nature of the case.


Making available a wealth of information to your clients

A Knowledge Base is a hub for useful articles, case studies, document best practices, product brochures and standard operating procedures. This feature facilitates the end users / clients to browse for solutions that will help them to resolve their queries before contacting the helpdesk. You can upload relevant images, videos keeping your clients updated about the new solutions assisting the clients with a wealth of information and providing them with quick answers.


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Customized Email Templates for Multiple User needs

With customized templates for different emails, you can create and format any template for various user needs. You can insert images, create tables and lists, and choose your own font for interacting with your customers. With email templates you can communicate with your customers easily, without investing a lot of time in creating personalized emails.


Real-time Data made available with Self-Service CRM Integration

Self-service is an important asset to your CRM. An integrated approach of your Self-Service and CRM will bring about data synchronization allowing access to real-time data of your customers and their interactions as and when needed. The CRM and Self-Service integration effectively makes your services available wherever your customers are.

Customized User Interface

The dashboard of the CRM Self-Service can be customized with attractive user interface. You can change the color and font of the user interface, add your company name and logo and also insert wallpapers as per the prerequisites. This makes the navigation of the Self-Service Portal intuitive.

crm self service secured accessibility

Innovative technology. Better compatibility. Secured Accessibility

CRM Self-Service is accompanied with the latest SaaS based technology. It’s compatibility with web-based, cloud based, easy access on mobiles and tablets gives you benefits of secured access of confidential data anywhere and anytime. This further supports your employees to assist the customers and manage queries irrespective of their location.   


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