A coordinated approach of Human Resource and Payroll

Employees form crucial part of an organization and most importantly an expensive asset. Payroll is a critical activity of an organization, which if not carried out meticulously will have serious consequences both on your employees and your organization. Today, calculations behind payroll have become complex and time consuming as HR trends are changing dynamically.  A missed pay cheque to an employee, non-compliance with tax laws, missing the recording of paperwork for new hiring etc. introduces doubts on the integrity of an organization.

To foster businesses whilst complying with intricate regulations and sustaining budgets, we bring to your organizations Pocket HCM that facilitates end to end payroll processing. Pocket HCM - A cloud based software system automates the complex payroll tax payments and computations, eliminating the paperwork and documentation for various human resource processes. It comprises of 6 modules namely Payroll, Tax, Leave, Reimbursement, HR Letters and Email. 

pocket hcm

features of pocket hcm

Key Features of Pocket HCM:

  • Intelligent and quick formula based calculations for earnings and deduction
  • Full e-mail integration
  • Seamless excel based import-export functionality
  • Multi company and multi geography support
  • Employee self-service
  • Mobile app (Android and Windows)
  • Cloud-based time and attendance management
  • User-defined reports with real-time analytics
  • Best-in-class cloud data security
  • Leave Management System
  • Time Tracking Software
  • Employee Management System
  • Mobile Payroll App
  • Employee Self Service
  • Attendance Management System
  • Statutory compliance
  • Pocket-friendly pricing plans

Accelerating the Payroll Process with Pocket HCM


The use of Pocket HCM has accelerated payroll process alleviating the organizations from traditional use of complex spreadsheets handling employee and financial data. The automated cloud based payroll software cloud technology will allow organizations to streamline the business processes, saving the costs and time.


Ease in maintaining employee calendars


Pocket HCM has a built in feature of linking time sheets to the payroll system that tracks Attendance and Leave Management System. The information about the number of hours worked can be automatically transferred into the payroll system. This gives organizations the flexibility in maintaining work shifts and timesheets without any hassles. 

pocket hcm features

features pocket hcm

Securing your Employee and Financial information


Pocket HCM developed on secured Microsoft Azure platform, makes sure that the sensitive employee and financial data is protected with secured access. This allows better control over the data, better data storage and retrieval with role based security.


Mobility and Accessibility improved with Pocket HCM application


Pocket HCM payroll software is easily available in portable devices. It functions flawlessly on Windows and Android. Employees can easily access the self-service portal and manage their leave requests and approval, upload documents, all can be accessed anytime and anywhere with the feature of Cloud capability on the go.


** Pocket HCM is an IP Product of Greytrix. To know more about Pocket HCM - the comprehensive cloud-based payroll and HR software system and how it will befit your organizational needs, Read more.


For more information on Pocket Payroll, write to us at sales@sagesoftware.co.in


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