The need to manage worker’s compensation claims

Mishaps in a workplace environment are fatal and unpredictable. However, when they do happen, having first-hand information on your workforce’s injuries and incidents will be help in legal settlement or insurance claim. Post injury, a number of tests and evaluations gives an accurate medical impairment rating that determines the seriousness of the injury. An attorney, an insured company, a medical evaluator are a part of this compensation procedure who estimate the amount of compensation the injured person is liable. If you're medical provider, an office manager, an insurance adjuster, or an attorney, then we believe that RateFast can speed up your workflow when it comes to work injury claims.

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RateFast: Swift, Secure and Pay as your use service

To make work-injury claim a smoother process, RateFast a cloud based online tool manages worker’s compensation claims and assists in calculating impairments ratings. RateFast designs web applications, mobile applications and write contents that is valuable for everybody involved in the worker’s compensation. The application is designed for Attorneys, Qualified Medical Evaluators, a doctor or your injured workforce.

Features of RateFast

  • Use RateFast to check the accuracy of QME and PR-4 reports.
  • Reviewing impairment ratings by specialists using proprietary algorithms derived from AMA Guides.
  • No membership fee: Pay as you use service
  • Cloud based tool: No downloads, no installation
  • Cross browser feature allowing the online tool to be accessed from portable devices
  • Security of information maintained
  • Fast results as you file your reports
  • Digital reports, reducing paperwork and maintenance costs
  • Simple and intuitive to use. No need of any training.


** Rate fast is an IP Product of Greytrix. To know how RateFast will help you with your worker’s compensation claims, Read more.


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