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Brick – and – mortar firms look out for solutions that would assist them to enter the market quickly, cost-effectively and scale as they grow. In this pursuit, eCommerce web store becomes a critical channel for business across industry. With volume of business swelling due to increasing popularity of the web store, there is heightened customer service expectations.  It then becomes very essential that companies provide incredible customer portal to keep customers engaged and returning to their web store.


The customer portal allows businesses to provide their customers with a highly personalized and interactive service. It does so by enabling customers to complete transactions, service themselves and share feedback, among other things.


Magento Customer Portal

Increasing Customer engagements with Magento

Increasing Customer engagements

Magento is the leading ecommerce platform used by industries worldwide and one of the reasons for its increasing popularity is its feature rich and easy to use customer portal. With Greytrix we ensure that your customers have implausible shopping experience and to do so below are the Magento features that we exploit and that contribute towards effective customer service.


Customer Accounts

Greytrix helps you integrate your Magento accounts with the ERP customers bi-directionally. Inbuilt scheduler program ensures data is synchronized automatically.

Order History and Order Status updates

Greytrix ensures customers can view real time sales order history and its status updates done in the target plugin i.e. Sage ERP.

Additional there is a feature to convert Magento Quotes to Sage ERP orders on real-time basis.


Flexible payment options

Greytrix integrates the payment entities created in the ERP system to the Magento portal with the payment type set as pre-payment. Also Greytrix sets payment methods in the ERP based on payment methods used in Magento.

Magento Customer Portal allows you to empower your customers with flexible payment options such as Bank transfer payment, Cash On Delivery, PayPal, Pay intelligence, Direct Connect, etc.


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Magento Order History and Order Status updates


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