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Running a successful eCommerce business is rewarding, yet equally challenging. Greytrix with its GUMU™ Integration for Magento with Sage ERP (Sage X3 | Sage 300 (Accpac)) is designed to assist businesses tap the power of eCommerce within your ERP. It drives the web store to have 360° customer interaction and interfaces for seamless operations of front office, back office and portal activities. This highly effective business system provides a link between online stores / eCommerce portals and backend ERP systems performing bi-directional data synchronization in a fully automatic manner. Thereby reducing time, saving costs and increasing accuracy while linking your online store with backend ERP system.


Available GUMU™ Integrations are

magento with sage erp integration

Features of GUMU™ Integration for Magento with Sage ERP

Bi-directional Data Integration

You can now have bi-directional Integration of modules such as Customers/ Products/ Orders and Payments from Magento to Sage ERP so that every relevant detail of the order can be imported to the Sage ERP with absolute accuracy and eliminating human intervention.


Automated Data Synchronization

You can set the automated schedules for integration of the Magento and Sage ERP modules such as Customers, Products, Orders and Payments. Inbuilt scheduler program ensures data is synchronized automatically.


Multi Store/Company Integration

GUMU™ connector is designed to synchronize company with Multiple stores in Magento.

Benefits of Integrated Magento – Sage ERP systems

Attenuate Data Redundancy. Augment Data Accuracy

Magento eCommerce Integration for Sage ERP allows bi-directionality of inventory, payment & shipping information, web orders, web customer details that are integrated to the Sage ERP system. This minimizes rekeying the data, reducing data redundancy, and boosting data accuracy.


Streamlined Business Operations. Enhanced Control. Reduced Operational Costs

As up-to-date information about orders, pricing details, inventory, shipping data are readily available with integrated Magento eCommerce – Sage ERP systems, you can control your business operations effectively thereby reducing eCommerce operational costs.


Customer Specific Pricing

Customer specific price list defined in Sage ERP gets synced with the pricing rules. With mapping of customer category or statistical groups with the customer groups in Magento, specialized pricing rules can be defined for the particular set of customers.

magento - sage erp integration

magento sage erp order processing

Scheduled Data Synchronization

Each data synchronization task is handled as a process in eCommerce. Processes can be scheduled to run at specified intervals. With the help of an in-built scheduler program, data is synchronized in an automated manner.


Simplified order processing

Quick fulfillment of orders, reduces cost to process and prevent any inadequacy during order processing.


Products Info Update

Products from Sage ERP will be uploaded to web store. Details such as descriptions, pricing and images will be appropriately updated.


Flexible & Scalable Solution

GUMU™ connector provides flexibility in data mapping between the Magento and Sage ERP systems. The plugin is based on the architecture to assist in setting up and managing the integration link.


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