Search Engine Optimization

Magento is undoubtedly one of the most search engine friendly e-commerce platforms. At Greytrix, we evolve and improve the SEO functionality of Magento after applying several monetization tips and tricks. We ensure that your website attains rock solid search engine rankings and you have ultimate experience selling your products all day long!

SEO functionality of Magento

Magento’s SEO

Optimize Magento for SEO


At Greytrix, we exploit SEO functionality of Magento there by customers will find you and buy from your web store. We configure your website to enhance its searchability. We ensure you utilize Magento’s SEO- friendly CMS that allows customizable header settings, title and meta tags that increase your web stores clickability. Some of the available Magento skins do not optimize its SEO functionality, hence Greytrix has developed templates which incorporates functionalities to increase the web store searchability.

Each time when you list a new product or update your existing product, site changes show up quickly on your web store because of unique SEO functionality in Magento wherein the product attributes are automatically updated with each user modifications. If you already have a Magento website we provide you with its review report for improvements in your site for different key areas such as SEO, Usability, Site speed and improvement in the flow of transactions and much more.

Marketing and Promotion of your Web store


Greytrix ensures that you efficiently utilize Marketing functionality of Magento so you make more sales, more revenue on your web store.


Email Campaigns: With Greytrix you can create email campaigns, send emails to right targeted audience, track their performance, gather essential marketing metrics such as open rates, click rates and actual ROI based on purchase rate. So this you can track number of customers who made purchase after seeing your email.

Marketing functionality of Magento

Magento marketing functionality

Promotion Codes and Pricing: Greytrix helps you utilise Magento marketing functionality to generate unique coupon codes for each promotion and export the list of codes for offline distribution, newsletters and more. We manage and monitor coupon usage and generate detailed reports for your web store. We design catalogue promotional pricing for your product range and with the ability to restrict to categories or products. We can set multi-tier pricing for quantity discount.


Social media Commerce:

Greytrix utilizes Marketing functionality in Magento to connect Facebook comments, Like buttons, Google Plus and Twitter Badgets or Pinterest to your product page.


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