Data Migration Services

In every organization evolution in IT ecosystem is consequential to its growth. SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) technologies has brought in fundamental change in organizational approach towards enterprise solutions. In such scenarios, organizations are compelled to migrate their On-premise CRM to more efficient Cloud based CRM enterprise solutions. 

Data migration however is a complex task which involves mapping and moving of data and objects from old system to new system. It is more of a business – level decisions than a technical one, as there may occur instances wherein sub-standard migrations may adversely affected CRM deployments leading to data loss thereby loss in business opportunities.

Hence a strategic plan of Data migration is to be prepared taking into account that data is stored across range of environments from Outlook or Gmail, spreadsheets, accounting systems and ERPs.

Data Migration Services

Extraction Transformation Loading Process

Extraction Transformation Loading

At Greytrix we help you with entire ETL process of Data migration to Salesforce that includes:

1. Analysis: Based on your business requirement we identify which entities that need to be migrated to Salesforce. We analyse source database and identify if any customization is required for it or not.

2. Data extraction: Gather data from data sources like SQL, Oracle, Flat files, CRM products, existing applications, etc.

3. Data preparation: Prepare data for migration as per the tool being used for migration, for instance prepare CSV files in case the migration tool to be used is Apex data loader.

4. Data migration: Initiate test migration, upon successful testing import data to Salesforce.


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