Integrated Application Development

To get most out of your business it is essential that companies are driven by technology and implement as many integrated systems as possible. Therein organizations are aggressively involving themselves in developing apps. Many or most of these apps perform in silos due to either lack of vision or technological know-how. Hence it becomes really important to ensure that they are designed in a way that they work with one another out of the box. Integration of such related apps help organizations achieve greater level of operational efficiency, real-time and bi-directional data consistency.

Greytrix offers integrated application development services to enterprises helping them develop robust, scalable and expandable applications on cloud. We understand that every app has its own related data, business logic, security layer and platform, so when you think integration we provide you with holistic solution.

Integrated Application Development

Integrated Application Development Process

Here is how we do it!

Our multi-disciplinary experts follow two approaches for integrated application development. In waterfall methodology we do complete do complete analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of your applications and in agile methodology we respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences.

Our team possesses vast experience and proven track record on working on various integration options related to and other Salesforce platform technologies.

Secure Integration

We maintain confidentiality of customers data using integrate authentication mechanisms across applications to improve the user experience and minimize user administration.

User Interface Integration

Combine the UIs of two or more apps to create composite apps with little or no rework on the UI of each individual app.

Business Logic Integration

Business logic often spans multiple application systems. Extending related business logic from one app to another helps to implement complete end to end business processes.

Data Integration

Integrates applications at the data layer. Multiple apps written in different programming languages can all use an open API and manage related data in one shared database.

Integrated Application Development Platform

Data Integration Salesforce platform

The various data integration related to Salesforce platforms that we implement are

1. Open APIs – Wherein at the core level, all Salesforce platforms have open APIs (based on industry-standards such as REST and SOAP) that we integrate Salesforce endpoints (,, etc.) with external endpoints such as apps or enterprise integration hubs.

2. Bulk Data Transfer API - The Bulk API provides programmatic access with which we load data into your Salesforce organization. It is a RESTful API that is optimal for loading or deleting large sets of data. We can use it to query, insert, update, upsert, or delete a large number of records asynchronously by submitting batches that Salesforce processes in the background.

Bulk Data Transfer API

Language-Specific Resources and Toolkits

3. Language-Specific Resources and Toolkits

We work with specific programming languages, several toolkits are available that abstract the core SOAP and REST APIs to support native development approaches and simplify integrations.

  • Salesforce Mobile SDK (Android and iOS)
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • PHP

4. Cloud-to-Cloud Integration

We offer several toolkits that are available to help you integrate Salesforce Platform technologies such as (and with other cloud-based services.


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