Extended Reporting Module

When it comes to making business critical decisions having the right information readily available can make all the difference to your key stakeholders. That’s why having right reporting solution can be critical to your organization and end customers. 

Greytrix offers Extended Report Pack Module which comprises of a set of 9 form formats supported by Sage 300 ERP, to optimize business reporting for Indian companies. These forms blend in seamlessly into Sage 300, while offering local reporting with international standards.

Sage 300 Extended Reporting Module

Sage 300 Extended Report Pack

Greytrix Extended Report Pack comprises of the following 9 reports:

  1. AP Vendor Transaction 
  2. AP Invoice Voucher
  3. AR Customer Transaction
  4. AR Receipt Voucher
  5. OE Sales Register 
  6. PO Purchase Register 
  7. G/L Voucher 
  8. AP Payment Voucher 
  9. G/L Contra Voucher

Key Features:

  • Comprises of vital registers and vouchers which are specifically designed and configured to meet the Indian-Business-Working-Style.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Sage 300 ERP.
For more information on Greytrix Extended Reporting Module, write to us at us.sales@greytrix.com

Sage 300 Extended Reporting Module Key Features


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