Auto Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation is a critical process for every enterprise that involves comparing transactions in bank statements with accounting records in the ERP. The Greytrix Auto Bank Reconciliation Add-On minimizes manual intervention by giving users the option of automatically reconciling bank statements in CSV format in addition to the standard OFX format supported by Sage 300 ERP.


Key features:

  • Reconciles bank statement with data from different formats
  • Automated Entry
  • Improved Data Integrity

Batch Creation in 2 database

GL Batch Creation in 2 database simultaneously

Organization’s resort to trial balance reports to verify whether the GL entries are correct and balanced. Sage 300 ERP gives the users option to extract trial balance reports only for specified fiscal period. In some business scenarios, user might need to print the report for a specific date range. Considering such a business need, Greytrix has developed a customized reporting tool called “Date wise GL Trial Balance Report”.


Key features:

  • Prints a trial balance report or worksheet that lists selected account balances for a specified date range.
  • Report includes opening balance, net change and closing balance and further bifurcated in credit and debit column
GL Drill Up
In all the organizations General Ledger maintains repository GL Drill up tool helps to view the accounting details of AP/AR transaction easily instead of searching the data manually in General Ledger.

Key Features:

  • The user can drill up from sub ledger transactions to GL.
  • Easy to reconcile the AP/AR invoice with GL entry.
  • Drill Up program helps to view journal details from a particular document itself.

Accounting details in General Ledger

Greytrix GL clearing add-on

GL Clearing
Common accounting practice across organizations is to maintain a reconciliation which will have all debit and credit entries passed into the account and the difference between them will be zero.

Key features:

  • GL Clearing add-on facilitates users to carry out automatic reconciliation of GL Accounts i.e. to match Debit and Credit side of Transactions at GL level that can help reconcile and simplify various process.


Greytrix GL clearing add-on has particular advantage over manual account clearing.

  • It saves time and efforts involved in manual reconciliation.
  • Errors are substantially reduced.
  • Ease of tracing accounting entries.
Date wise GL Trial Balance Reporting
Organization’s resort to trial balance reports to verify whether the GL entries are correct and balanced. Sage 300 ERP gives users option to extract trial balance reports only for specified fiscal period however with Greytrix Date wise GL Utility you can extract trial balance report for specific dates.

Key features:

  • Report extraction for Opening balance, Net change and closing balance possible for user defined date range.
  • Report can be exported in Excel or PDF formats


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Date wise GL Trial Balance Reporting


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