Back to Back Order

Most of the companies today work towards maintaining optimum inventory levels. They prefer specific supply order linked to each customer order and they want these supply order created as soon as the customer orders have been booked. With Greytrix Back to Back PO add-on tool this can be achieved.

Companies can also attain transparency about their Sales Order line up, so that they can answer customer service inquiries anytime. The process is called ‘Back-to-back orders’, indicating that the Sales Order and the supplying Purchase Order are very closely linked, often where one Purchase Order is tied to one Sales Order.


Key Features:

  • Risk of received items being allocated to another Sales Order eliminated.
  • Restricts users to commit quantity more than Sales Order.
  • Commits the received quantity as per the Sales Order.

Sage 300 Purchase Process Module

Auto Revise Quote Numbering add-on

OE Quote Revision

Businesses needs to prepare Quotation in response to the RFP- request for proposal for product or services the customer intends to purchase. During the negotiation stage with the customer multiple revisions take place on the previous quotation. Preparing multiple quotations for number of RFP’s with same specifications is a tedious task. With Auto Revise Quote Numbering add-on, multiple sub-quotes can be revised and created from the original quote and
sent across to different prospect customers.


Key Features:

  • The quote can be revised as a sub-quote of the original quote.
  • User can trace the parent quote with its revised quote.
Three way PO matching
In all the organizations, accounts department records the financial transaction of the amount it owes to its vendors and processes payments for those purchases. This payment to the vendors is executed only after verifying, that no discrepancies exist among the supplier invoice, the purchase order, and the PO receipt which is called three-way matching, Accounts payable then approves the voucher for payment.
The same accounting functionality is incorporated by Greytrix in its 3 way PO matching Add-on. It restricts the user from receiving a PO Receipt in which, received quantity is more than that entered in PO for a specific item. The Add-on will cross-check the item order quantity with receipt quantity and if the latter is more than the former it will react with a pop-up message, “Quantity receipt cannot be greater than Quantity on PO.”

Key Features:

  • Cross-checks the item order quantity with receipt quantity.
  • Easily configurable validation rule.
  • Generates automated alerts in case of discrepancies detected in Quantity received and Quantity in PO.
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Three Way Purchase Order


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