Bill of Lading

Bill of Lading is a contract protecting shipper by guaranteeing payment and satisfies the carrier that the recipient has proof of right to the goods. Bill of lading is sent to buyer by shipper upon payment for the goods, and is a proof that the recipient is entitled to the goods when received. 

Greytrix Bill Of Lading is a comprehensive product, which allows its user to create, view, e-mail and prints a formatted bill of lading. BOL picks up orders or shipment created in Sage 300 and generates Bill of Lading for that particular order.


Key Features:

  • Allows users the option to create BOL based upon Sales Order or Shipment.
  • Creates report displaying standard information like the total weight of all the items for a selected Sales Order/Shipment, the nature of goods (hazardous / non-hazardous), the total number of packages sent for shipment etc.
  • Allows assignment of multiple freight codes to the line items of respective Sales Orders/ Shipment. 

Sage 300 Sales and Distribution Bill of Lading

Sage 300 Sales and Distribution Drop Shipment

Drop Shipment 

Most of the retail businesses and online shopping today are deploying in Drop shipment process – thereby customer order & shipment details are directly forwarded to the Supplier. This process significantly benefits the retailer by eliminating upfront inventory and brings in positive cash flow.

Greytrix Drop Shipment Add-on tool works in tandem with Sage 300 ERP to automate the entire Drop shipment process.


Key Features:

  • User can generate Purchase Order from Sales Order and also create automatic Drop Shipment on PO Receipt posting.
  • Purchase created for Drop Shipment can be printed from Sales Order screen.


  • Reduces inventory management
  • Reduces shipping costs
Bulk invoicing

Every organization has dedicated person assigned to process invoices. Earlier, at a point of time only single invoice could be processed. However with advent of Bulk Invoicing Component tool for Sage 300 ERP the process of generating invoice is automated and bulk invoices can be generated from multiple shipments for multiple customers at the same time. With this component, the Account person in the organization can list out all open shipments for which invoices need to be generated in Sage 300 ERP and on the single click user can generate OE invoices for multiple shipment in a timely manner.


Key Features:

  • Automates invoice generation for multiple shipments from multiple customers at same time.


  • Accurate book keeping
  • User friendly
  • Saves the time spent on processing individual invoices

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Sage 300 Sales and Distribution Bulk Invoicing


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