Salesforce - Sage 300

Greytrix offers GUMU™ integration solutions for Sage 300 ERP with a best of breed solution for organizations to enhance their customer interaction. With Sage 300 ERP and Salesforce Cloud CRM integration you have actionable customer information. 24x7x365 accessibility provides a real edge to virtual workforces, it enables employees to work without being tied to their office desk, desktop or office servers. Instead, employees can contact customers and prospects on-the-go and access for real-time data on their personal portable devices such as mobiles or tablets. By delivering more actionable and frequent customer insights, employees can increase productivity across the board. Thereby optimizing your investments in Sage 300 ERP and cloud based CRM.

Real – Time, Bi-directional Data Exchange

Real Time Information View

Important Quote, Sales Order, Shipment, Invoices, Credit Note, Payments Receipts against Invoices and Sales summary can be viewed on user-friendly Salesforce tabs for particular customer. It also provides ability to create a quote in with real-time product pricing information from Sage 300 ERP.

Authorization Control

GUMU™ Security Matrix empowers System Administrators by allowing them to set different access levels with prescribed user privileges. This provides IT with the power to secure data and control systems effectively.

Authorization Control of Salesforce Integration with Sage 300

Salesforce Integration with Sage 300 Extensibility


Easy to configure additional inquiry screen of with new sections and any fields from Sage 300 ERP. Ability to add new entities for data mapping in Salesforce. Provision to incorporate additional fields for existing data synchronized between Salesforce and Sage 300 ERP.


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