Building the crucial blocks with Greytrix Business Manager

Sage CRM is indeed an affordable, easy to use and adaptable front end system that saves time, increases productivity and offers better visibility across business operations. However, sometimes, managing the core aspects of any business where efficiency, productivity and economy are interconnected can be a critical task. The key aspects of any business include finance, resources and projects around which auxiliary elements are dependent. Greytrix with its recognition as a Sage CRM Gold Development Partner for over a decade, brings to your business operations Greytrix Business Manager (GBM). This holistic business solution is designed to bring together the real-time data of different business operations that will transform decision making with an integrated business solution. Greytrix delivers the next level of value for the organization through its comprehensive Greytrix Business Manager solution. GBM consist of five end user applications –

  • Sage CRM Project Manager
  • Sage CRM Contract Manager
  • Sage CRM Resource Planner
  • Sage CRM Event Manager
  • Sage CRM Budget Planner

Sage CRM Project Manager

Sage CRM Project Manager provides a seamless integration of your critical projects like workflow automation, task recording, milestone checks making it easier to manage tasks within the set timelines.


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Sage CRM Contract Manager

Greytrix Sage CRM Contract Manager ensures compliant contract management securing information, saving productive time and money for enhanced decision making. This also includes automated, paperless and seamless contracts across the organization.


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Sage CRM Resource Planner

Resource planning is a significant challenge to meet the organization’s objectives. Greytrix Sage CRM Resource Planner is a unique solution that empowers your organization with the real-time data of the resources, tracking their contributions with specific metrics and getting the most from the most important asset of your business – resources!


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Sage CRM Event Manager

Today business events need total visibility and streamlined collaboration. Sage CRM Event Manager brings to your business a single solution to plan and execute all the events across the enterprise with which businesses can tailor their events with enhanced value. 


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Sage CRM Budget Planner

Sage CRM Budget Planner brings together the core concepts of budget planning and allocation within Greytrix Business Manager. It delivers a feasible and highly effective management tool installed on top of the Sage CRM platform. All the benefits of Sage CRM including designs of user interface, searching, reporting and document management are included in the Sage CRM Budget Planner. 


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