Flexible infrastructure for integrations

The Sage CRM Web services Framework is a flexible open ended infrastructure that is applied on top of Sage CRM to create a feature rich set of integrations.


Latest Features

The current version of CRM Web services Framework includes:

  • 7.2 Compatible
  • Built in X3 Connector, Interfaces, Account Migration and Synchronization
  • Increased error handling on Installer
  • New Connector class library structure in Gateway source
  • Enhanced interface behaviours on Block objects
  • Enhanced Record object behaviours including nested ADO record references for X3
  • Editable Grids for List objects in Edit Mode
  • Field Level Script support for Screens and Lists, Table Level Script support for Web service based entities

Sage CRM Webservice framework

sage crm web service components


The following components make up the complete infrastructure of a Web service Framework deployment extending the functionality required, notably within the Enbu Gateway. This allows for extended set of options within this generic module to deliver an Enterprise Service Bus solution.


  • Control Panel

The Framework Control Panel is the entry point to interactively access all components that make up the Enbu Web service Framework. You can access the Enbu Gateway directly from here and check that the service is up and running.


  • Gateway Monitor

The Gateway Monitor is a utility that allows a view of all running details of the Enbu Gateway. This includes a display of all current configuration details that is being used be the Gateway configuration file.

  • Framework Broker

Framework Broker is the fundamental module of the Web service Framework. Enbu Gateway works hand in hand with Framework Broker whereby the Broker does all the work that the Gateway needs in terms of CRM functionality and data.


  • Test Harness

Testing the Execute methods allows for interactive loops of requests to be run upon the Gateway mainly testing the CRM based requests. It shows how to manage full create, read, update and deletion operations on Web services data whereas the User just sees the normal operation of data over these CRM interfaces.


  • WCF Gateway

The Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is a runtime and a set of APIs in the .NET Framework for building connected, service-oriented applications. WCF is a framework for building service-oriented applications. Using WCF, you can send data as asynchronous messages from one service endpoint to another.

sage web service

Sage crm web service features

Full Features

The current version of CRM Web services Framework includes:

  • Enhanced Gateway
  • Improved Framework Control Panel
  • CRM Broker Module which allows complex data to be processed
  • WCF Gateway Implementation of the Web services
  • Gateway Monitor Module for multi-threaded analysis
  • CRM Test Harness to run test analysis, functions and third party integration
  • Allow CRM absorb and utilize 3rd party Web service connections
  • Create a new highly scalable CRM Web service which can be utilized by other systems.
  • Allow CRM to be integrated into high scale SOA architectures and even deliver an Enterprise Service Bus which can be utilized by surrounding systems.
  • Provide a set of utilities to manage and monitor the activities around this Framework
  • Bidirectional Web service Data and Connectivity
  • Customization of Objects and Scripting through standard Admin methods in CRM
  • Extended SDK including Custom Mail Merge, Ajax object, SOAP Object, CRM Date functions etc.


** Greytrix is a Master Distributor for flagship products of Enbu Consulting that include CRM Lotus Notes Plug-in, CRM Web Services Framework and Sage Pay for Sage CRM.

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For more information on CRM Web services Framework, write to us at crmproducts@greytrix.com or info@enbuconsulting.com

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