From Enquiries to Closing Deals

Emails are a highly effective communication tool that have become an inevitable part in tracking vital business correspondence. According to the latest finding of Gartner research study, based on automated analysis of large number of publicly available email routing records it comes to the fore, that cloud email is gaining traction among enterprises worldwide. Gmail – a cloud email service developed by Google tops the list with over a billion enterprise users. All the enterprise email communication mainly deals with customer contacts, order placed, and invoicing related information. All this information needs to be effectively tapped by your CRM. Sage CRM being one of the leading enterprise solution allows you to organize and automate communications and activities across all customer-facing departments, which includes sales, marketing and customer service. With Greytrix Gmail Extension for Sage CRM, you can simplify tracking conversations between your Gmail and Sage CRM. It saves users from the cumbersome task of data entry of crucial communications, contacts and opportunities in Sage CRM from Gmail.

Gmail Integration for Sage CRM

Sage CRM integrates with gmail

The Synchronization Process from Gmail to Sage CRM

Greytrix Gmail Integration for Sage CRM for is the first powerful Chrome Extension that assists in synchronizing emails and contacts from your Gmail account as Communications and Persons respectively, giving you the flexibility to file communications in Sage CRM. The extension available in the Chrome webstore reads the email address of a sender in Gmail, then searches for that person by email address within Sage CRM. On finding of relevant match information related to the person is displayed from the CRM database. Users can also file email contents directly into the communications tab of the person’s record by clicking on the “File Email in Sage CRM” button.

Features of Gmail Integration for Sage CRM

  • Sync emails from your Gmail account as Communications in Sage CRM
  • Sync contacts from your Gmail account as Persons in Sage CRM
  • View Sage CRM contact information from within your Gmail environment
  • Supports - Both Desktop (all versions) and Cloud Sage CRM

integrating gmail with sage crm

link Sage CRM with Gmail

Benefits of Gmail Integration for Sage CRM

  • Keep better track of prospective clients, partners, and customers
  • Create new Contacts, Leads, and Log emails directly from Gmail
  • Accelerated access to information
  • Convenient, straightforward, seamless user experience
  • A rapid ROI with the benefits of integration
  • Improved information sharing across your organization

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