Membership Management Solution

Greytrix presents a powerful, intuitive Membership Management Solution that can help Membership Organisations manage their varying types of members, streamline the registration and accreditation process and the coordination of training courses and events.

In Membership Management it is ensured that renewal process is fully automated, with members given ample notice of renewal dates and payment options. It also facilitates online payment of Membership fees and ERP integration. 

membership management solution

event registration

Event Registration

Includes a Web Portal that allows web-users to browse courses or events based on defined criteria and make an online booking. The Web Portal can also allow members to access secure areas of an organisations website, enabling them to download course material, if needed.


Programme Management

Enables the training/event coordinator(s) to manage key resources and schedules with ease, get an update on course/event registrations and potential revenue, at the touch of a button and manage course/event communications all from one place.

Facilitates Online Payment

Facilitates online payment of course/event and membership fees.


Key Benefits

  • Applications & registrations are handled in a timely fashion
  • Membership renewal process is fully automated
  • Facilitates online payment of Membership fees
  • Customisable web portal
  • Can be integrated into the organisation’s existing website
  • Provides the ability to create courses and events
  • Manage course/event related pricing, including promotional discounts


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