Sage CRM Budget Planner

The CRM Budget Planner takes all the main concepts of Budget Planning and Allocation and delivers a pragmatic and highly effective management tool which is installed on top of the Sage CRM platform. It is completely integrated into Sage CRM so that it leverages all the benefits of CRM including design of user interface, searching, reporting and document management.

Power Sage CRM Budget Planner

find and create budget items

Key Features:

Find and create budget items:

Each budget owner is provided with an expenditure limit per item. This limit is set in the Administration section under Users. Having created a new line item, if the line item Amount is greater than the configured Budget Manager limit, the Budget Manager is prompted with an approval notification. The Budget Administrator is presented with a panel containing information about the new line item requested. Actions buttons from the Drawdown Workflow allow the new Approval request to be either Approved or Denied.

Budget summary:

Once a Budget item has been selected from the Find screen or a New Budget item has been created, the Budget Manager is shown the Budget Summary screen.


Margin and graph calculation:

Budgets can contain line items (Stream) of type Income or Expenditure or both.

budget transparency

Sage CRM Budget expenditure request

Approval of expenditure request:

Budget Planner will alert the user when they have exceeded their budget allocated and give the option of requesting approval from the Budget Stakeholder/s via email.
Budget Planner can work alongside your projects, and resources which will provide you with strict budget control into the future.


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