Sage CRM CTI Framework

The CRM CTI Framework is a flexible open ended infrastructure that is applied on top of Sage CRM to allow for a customizable and extendible CTI integrated system. The Framework includes a number of additional features over the standard CTI functionality in Sage CRM.

With the CRM CTI Framework, we introduce a platform that can be used to have completely customizable CTI integration with CRM. A standard feature set is delivered as part of the framework which gives you added value from the offset. Therein, you may additionally map your business process to your telephony life cycle.

dual crm and cti login

Key Features

Latest features

The current version of CRM CTI Framework includes:

  • Customizable event handlers
  • Custom interfaces for each CTI event
  • Palette of actions per call in
  • Automatic lead creation
  • Interactive communication area
  • Open protocol enabled system
  • Post actions on incoming and outgoing events


Dual CRM and CTI login

On initial start-up of the system, the User is required to login within the CTI frame. This is a unified login interface which will login into CRM, the telephony switch is required, and any hardware located next to the workstation. This requires Usernames and Passwords to be properly synchronized between each of these systems. Once successfully logged in, the main framework including CRM and the new CTI frame appears.

Dual login frameset

The general concept is based around an external frameset built outside of CRM, which allows for a new CTI frame to be built outside of CRM, which is always visible. CTI events and actions are controlled through this frame which integrates with CRM through remote frame based calls back to CRM.


Customizable event handlers

With the CTI Provider SDK, it should be possible to integrate all events and functions for CTI and Email using this SDK on the client side of each workstation. This requires CRM to include a custom event and function framework which encompasses CRM and allows entry and exit points in and out of the CRM system and communication with client CTI agent on the workstation. This allows for the most flexible options on choice of Telephony provider, CTI environments and configuration of business process.


Automatic lead creation

If a call is received from a number that is unrecognized by the system the user is given the ability to create a lead record for the unknown caller.


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automatic lead generation


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