Sage CRM Custom Mail Merge

The CRM Custom Mail Merge is a plugin for Sage CRM that allows you to finally cover off the gap of the lack of mail merging capabilities for custom entities and custom behaviours within Sage CRM.

It ultimately introduces a new API extension to the Sage CRM API so that Mail Merge can be run against document templates and any number of standard or bespoke data sources.

CRM was limited to merging against core entities, with the CRM Custom Mail Merge, this is no longer the case. CRM can now merge against any custom entity that has been created.

Custom Mail Merge

CRM custom mail merge features

Key Features:

  • Ability to create customized forms, template views and reports to expose new entities
  • New Mail Merge engine which does not require Office automation on the server
  • Create Table function
  • Create Text function
  • New Sample Template and coding example
  • Add To Library function

Additional features includes

  • It’s a full SDK, it allows you to do anything you want around mail merge, multiple data sources, 3rd party data sources, image placement, stylising fonts, borders, etc.
  • It has the option for PDF generation
  • It can be worked into Workflow actions
  • Text placement as well as basic field merges
  • Uses bookmark placements


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