Sage CRM Event Manager

CRM Event Manager will enable you to optimize the efficiency and productivity of managing your Activities, Resources and Schedules through a highly effective Event Management module. It is completely integrated into Sage CRM so that it leverages all the benefits of CRM including design of user interface, searching, reporting and document management.

group emails for event updates

Key Features

Attendance & group

In this Tab you control the event attendance. You can add individuals to the event and remove them. You can also set their attendance status to ’Cancelled’, ’Confirmed’, or ’Pending’.

The Event Manager utilizes CRM functionality by allowing Groups created through MyCRM to be imported directly into the Attendee List. A new Group is created in CRM with all the functionality of CRM Groups, including Group Email, for Event updates.


Event workflow

During the time of the Event Life Cycle, a Workflow can be run which determines the steps an Event must go through as part of its business logic. This workflow is configurable for the most complex Event life cycles or the standard process can be maintained.

Budget management

The Expenditure Tab allows any number of expense items to be listed against the Event. The Equipment screen allows for the cost of all Equipment to be recorded. Equipment costs are presented on the Event Summary screen and Budget Chart.



There is a Membership option that will allow you to restrict events to contacts from CRM who are listed as members. Once established as members, they are eligible to attend Events occurring within their renewal period.

The Membership details can be extended as required to fully profile member activity.

extend membership in event manager

event notifications and alerts

Notifications and alerts

By establishing rules for workflow processes, you can be assured that the proper approvals, notifications and alerts go into effect for every Event stage at precisely the right time and involve precisely the right people. Any lapse in a given workflow process is immediately flagged for resolution.


Profile & sponsorship

Multi pricing for different profiled attendees.

CRM Event Manager includes support for pricing, sponsorship and attendance profiles. This enables you to set up attendees on differing price scales depending on your market segmentation, and to control what numbers are attending at discounted/differing pricing.

In the Profiles and Sponsors tab Companies can be set up as a Sponsor, allowing the system to track how much they donated to the event. The total amount of sponsorship is calculated and appears on the Event Summary Screen in the Sponsorship Fees field. 

Report function

Using the Reports Function, any number of custom reports can be created such as: status reports, financial commitments, attendance reports, income generated etc.

Export options include: Word, PDF, HTML, rich text, plain text, or Excel. Reports can also be generated for one event or a group of events derived from the search feature or for all events – and always within the security rights defined for the user.

report function

register event online

Web portal

Integrated Web Portal that allows web users to register for events online.

Delegates can attend an Event, based on the criteria allowed for each Event. This can be based on logical rules set up within the Event workflow.


Integration and customization

As with all of our products for Sage CRM, Event Manager is completely customizable and can be configured to suit the needs of the business.


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