Seamless integrations for Lotus Notes and Sage CRM


The CRM Lotus Notes Plug-in allows for client side integration of Lotus Client installations to synchronize with Sage CRM server installations. This is similar to the standard Sage CRM Outlook Plug-in but for the Lotus environment. This Plug-in also has several advantages of flexible configurations, and extensive integration options.

Sage CRM Lotus Notes Plug-in

Sage CRM Lotus Notes Plug-in

What's New!


Support for Sage CRM version 7.3

Fully compatible with Lotus Notes v 9.0

Key Features


  • Bidirectional synchronization of Appointments and Tasks between CRM and Lotus
  • Bidirectional synchronization of My Contacts in CRM and Contacts in Lotus
  • Filing of Emails from Lotus in CRM as Email Communications, linked to appropriate Contacts within CRM
  • Create Specific Configurations for Synchronization
  • View Reports on Synchronized Data
  • Support the manual synchronization of a contact, an email, a task or an appointment from Lotus Notes by the Lotus Notes user with CRM.
  • Multi time zone support – e.g. appointments for clients in different time zones are reflected accurately in Lotus Clients and Sage CRM.
  • The CRM Lotus Notes Plug-in is compatible with Lotus Notes 6.5, 7.0, 8.5, 9.0

** Greytrix is a Master Distributor for flagship products of Enbu Consulting that include CRM Lotus Notes Plug-in, CRM Web Services Framework and Sage Pay for Sage CRM.

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