Sage CRM Project Manager


The CRM Project Manager takes all the main concepts of Project and Time Management and delivers a pragmatic and highly effective management tool which is installed on top of the Sage CRM platform. It is completely integrated into Sage CRM so that it leverages all the benefits of CRM including design of user interface, searching, reporting and document management.

Sage CRM Project Manager

Sage CRM Project Analysis

Key Features

Project analysis

As part of the details of a Project, a dedicated Analysis tab is provided to give cross section analysis of the Time sheet data against the Project. This allows for a very thorough analysis of trends and patterns which can help to make proactive decisions on the running of the project. This also allows for typical metrics required for summary reporting.


Project status

The Project Status screen is specifically around the controlled values of the project that determines it's progress, status and calculations on schedule.

Project tasks

Tasks are where all the breakdown and planning effort is applied to the Project. Each Task is a piece of work which has been listed by the Project.

Manager as an identifiable effort which needs to be allocated to a Resource, scheduled with a start date and a status maintained on an ongoing basis. It also needs to be given an allocation of days so that the allocated Resource knows what time they have available to complete this Task.


Milestone checks

The 'Milestone Check' tab enables you to view project tasks and their associated milestones with ease.

Create CRM Projects

Sage CRM Project Manager TImesheets


Timesheets are the basis by which you draw down on the allocation of Days planned and set up by Project Tasks. Timesheets allow your Resources to log their work entries on a diary basis, cross referencing Projects and Tasks to help regulate the schedule and progress of the Project. Rather than maintaining the Project purely by Task updates. Timesheets give you the realistic scenario of what is actually happening versus what should be happening.


Web Portal Users (licensed users or resources) may access their Project Tasks and enter new Timesheets against a project using Greytrix Project Manager Web Portal. This allows users and resources (e.g. Field Agent’s) to view and enter information into CRM without the need for them to have full access to the CRM system.


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