Sage CRM Resource Planner

The Resource Planner is a visual representation of all available resources. Each resource will have allotted time slots aligned vertically, displaying the time of day, creating a resource Time Box. These Time slots are configurable.


cystomized screen in crm resource planner

Key Features

Customizable screen

Completely customizable CRM screens so you can decide what is actually displayed inside the cell. This also allows you to link any primary, secondary or custom entity to the resource.

You can choose between CRM business calendars and decide which one defines the grid, change colors for each resource or setup default resources column position. The column position can also be setup per user, by going to Administration User Details Screen.


Various viewing mode

There are a number of ways that Resources can be viewed. Similar to most of our products, Resource Planner is highly customizable and sits fully within Sage CRM. We can add any entity from Sage CRM to a time scheduled booking. There are also options to change the views from the X & Y axis.

You can view Resource Planner in Day, Week and Month mode and also from current time.

Drag & drop

Enhanced drag & drop functionality with advanced conflict management – eliminating the risk of double booking a resource and/or a user that is busy at that time.


Filter options

In the case of multiple resources, we have added extensive filtering options to our latest release. These include by Resource themselves, by Resource Type, Territory, User, Communication status and Communication action. These are the standard filters applied and can be easily modified depending on requirements.

sage crm resource plannner drag and drop

Planner configuration

Planner configuration

So that you can easily identify resources on your resource planner, Greytrix provides an easy way of colour coding resource calendar cells based on the following attributes: resource, communication action or communication status. Once you select which attribute you are interested in you can assign colours to suit your needs. Additionally, there are a number of other configuration options.


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