Sage CRM Social Media Manager

The Sage CRM Social Media Manager takes CRM to the next level with full intrinsic integration with the well-established online social media communities. This integration goes to the level whereby these communities become a new most powerful database to market against, broadcast against and ultimately develop your online presence and revenue channels.

Sage CRM Social Media Manager

searches of social network databases

Key Features

Find connections

Allows deep searches of social network databases

Once a connection has been setup and enabled you can start searching for people in or outside of the selected network. Various search options such as find by keyword, country, person name, etc. are available. More options can be added, using the standard Sage CRM functionality.


Import connections

Easy migration of valuable data from social networks to Sage CRM, enabling effective management of the data.

Mass message

Record social media communications

CRM Social Media Manager facilitates mass messaging.


Measureable social marketing

Social Media messages from Sage CRM can be linked to a marketing campaign so you can have measurable results.


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Measureable social marketing


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