Gain lasting customer loyalty!

According to conventional business wisdom, the cost of retaining a customer is far lower than the cost of acquiring a customer, and the key to retaining a customer lies in effectively servicing a customer’s needs. To make this easier, Greytrix offers a Service Add-On for Sage CRM that helps streamline after-sales service. While Sage CRM adequately provides the tools to make a sale, our Service Add-On completes the picture with the ability to offer optimally managed after-sales service.


Some of the key features of Service Add-On for Sage CRM include:

Service CRM for Sage CRM

Sales Process in Service CRM for Sage CRM

Streamlined After-Sales Processes

Specially engineered for Sage CRM, the Greytrix Service Add-On enables Sage CRM users to manage inventory, assets, agreements, warranties, services provided, and service branch data effortlessly.

Improved Business Productivity

With after-sales service management becoming an integral part of the CRM system, users enjoy better visibility into the allocation of valuable resources. As a result, inventory and service networks can be optimally managed to ensure improved business productivity.

Improved Business Productivity of Service CRM for Sage CRM

Service CRM for Sage CRM

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Superior after-sales service powered by the Greytrix Service Add-On enables service teams to identify and resolve customer queries/issues more effectively and faster. The result – higher customer satisfaction levels!


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