Keep your finger on the customer’s pulse!

The most successful businesses are always in touch with what their customers need. Whether it is servicing customers or pioneering breakthrough innovations, great insights often come straight from the customer. In order to make this interaction possible using Sage CRM, Greytrix has developed a nifty, easy-to-integrate Survey Add-On to help organizations listen to customers and serve them better.

Some of the key features of Sage CRM Survey Module include:

Survey Module for Sage CRM

Integrated Design for Sage CRM

Easy-To-Integrate Solution

Designed specifically for Sage CRM, the Greytrix Survey Add-On enables users to create, design, and launch surveys from within Sage CRM. Besides being easy to administer to select customer groups, the Survey Add-On makes it simple to seamlessly store and analyze customer responses within Sage CRM.

Comprehensive Survey Capabilities

Sage CRM users can define the number of questions, the type of questions, the target customer group, and the way in which responses should be stored. Importantly, the Survey Add-On has the ability to collect a broad and diverse range of data. Surveys can also be previewed before sending to customers.

Sage CRM Comprehensive Survey

Sage CRM Survey

Effective Survey Monitoring

Using this Add-On, CRM users can monitor whether customers have responded to the survey. Besides this, they can configure multiple surveys from within Sage CRM, choose multiple participants for a survey, and reuse questions for different surveys.


Enhanced Flexibility in Data Analysis

With customer feedback typically stored in a format similar to that of the survey questionnaire, Sage CRM users can view the responses for a given survey or evaluate each customer’s individual responses to surveys. Since the data is stored in the CRM, the data can be sliced and diced, and displayed in user-friendly grids and graphs to draw valuable insights.


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