Migrate key data into a new system effortlessly!


Greytrix’s GUMU™ Sage CRM – ACT! provides the flexibility required to migrate data with minimum steps and maximum cost effectiveness. This migration solution makes it possible to upgrade clients by effortlessly migrating key customer data into the new system. Company names, addresses and notes, as well as advanced data such as attachments, emails, records and so on can all be painlessly shifted from custom ACT! fields into Sage CRM and Sage CRM.com


Some of the key features include:

GUMU Act to Sage CRM Migration

Data Migration in GUMU Sage CRM–ACT

Efficient Data Migration onto Single Platform

With GUMU™ Sage CRM – ACT! all essential enterprise data is effortlessly migrated onto a single platform. This results in increased efficiency while meeting all data requirements pertaining to security, subsetting and archiving. 

Cost-Effective Data Delivery

The migrated data can be accessed, integrated and delivered seamlessly.  The legacy system retirement and data archival that takes place post migration results in reduced legacy system operational and maintenance costs.

GUMU Act to Sage CRM Cost-Effective Data Delivery

Clients Benefit of GUMU Act to Sage CRM Migration

No Impact on Operational Performance

The data is extracted from the legacy systems and migrated to the new system with no interruption to client systems. As the source and destination both remain undisrupted, clients benefit from zero impact on operational performance.


For more information on Greytrix GUMU™ for Act to Sage CRM Migration, write to us at sage@greytrix.com


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