Moving to Sage CRM hasn’t been easier!

Greytrix’s GUMU™ Custom Sage CRM Migration facilitates hassle-free migration of data from legacy systems such as custom built applications, contact management systems, flat files and the like to Sage CRM. Our expertise in building one to one data migration programs for Sage CRM makes Greytrix the #1 choice for a faster, cost-effective, and efficient way of migrating historical data to Sage CRM.


Some of the key features include:

Custom Migrations to Sage CRM

Data Migration to Sage CRM

No Impact on Operational Performance

The data extracted from legacy systems is migrated to Sage CRM with no impact on operational performance. In some cases, data can even be edited during the migration process with the solution’s in-built spreadsheet-like data editing tool.


Efficient Data Migration

With GUMU™ Custom Sage CRM Migration, all essential enterprise data is effortlessly migrated onto a single platform. This results in increased efficiency while meeting all data requirements pertaining to security, subsetting, and archiving. 

GUMU Custom Sage CRM Data Migration

GUMU Custom Sage CRM Migration Cost Efficient Data Delivery

Cost-Efficient Data Delivery

The migrated data can be accessed, integrated, and delivered seamlessly. The legacy system retirement and data archival that takes place post migration results in an optimized reallocation of resources that saves enterprises valuable time and money.


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