Leverage the power of enterprise data

Greytrix’s GUMU™ Sage CRM – Sage 500 (MAS 500) ERP Integration is a key enabler in making enterprise-wide data a true asset for the organization. This integration solution provides decision-makers with a 360-degree view of business that equips companies to maximize customer relationships and target prospects that are most likely to buy. Improved sales performance, more effective marketing campaigns, and shorter billing recovery cycles are just some of the benefits that you can expect.


Some of the key features of Sage CRM – Sage 500  ERP Integration include:

Real Time Bidirectional Integration

Any changes made to data on either of Sage CRM or Sage 500 ERP is synced in real time. Additionally, GUMU™ provides flexibility in the integration by allowing users to selectively sync data between systems depending on business needs on a bidirectional basis.

Credit Info Analysis: View customer aged analysis, summary and detail, including drill down to transaction splits in detail lines.

Information on the Go – Desktop & Handheld Devices

With cross-device integration, critical information regarding leads, customers, and orders can be accessed across desktop and handheld devices ensuring that sales and service teams respond quicker to customer needs. 

GUMU for Sage CRM - Sage 500 ERP Information

Multiple Company Integration with Sage CRM-Sage 500 ERP

Multi-Company Integration

Data related to multiple company codes on Sage 500 can be accessed through a single instance of Sage CRM. This gives users a holistic view of customer data and touch points, and offers actionable insights.


 For more information on Sage CRM – Sage 500  ERP Integration, write to us at sage@greytrix.com


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