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Greytrix’s AvaTax – Sage Pro ERP Integration takes away the hassle of maintaining complex sales tax tables by delivering real time computations directly to Sage Pro ERP. This integration solution is a key tool in maintaining the data integrity of orders and invoices with respect to sales tax. Combined with the option of tax filing services, this offering optimally leverages the complementary strengths of AvaTax’s robust sales tax management capabilities and Sage Pro ERP.


Some of the key features of AvaTax – Sage Pro ERP Integration include:

Greytrix AvaTax – Sage Pro ERP Integration

AvaTax-Increased Convenience and Time Savings

Increased Convenience & Time Savings

AvaTax’s precise geolocation-based sales tax decisions covering over 10,000 jurisdictions in the US eliminate the need for manual intervention at every local county and state level resulting in exponential time savings.

Real Time Tax Computation

AvaTax enables automatic and accurate calculations of sales tax, which when integrated with Sage Pro, ensures that these sales tax amounts are entered in real time during order entry or invoice entry. In addition, the system automatically validates the address of entries with the click of a button. 

AvaTax-Real Time Tax Computation

Improved Data Accuracy by AvaTax

Improved Data Accuracy

By doing away with the need for complex and ever-changing tax tables, the integrated system is able to accurately compute sales tax for quotes, sales orders, and accounts receivable invoices. What’s more, tax information becomes available on-demand with a web-based tax reporting interface. 


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