Need for Catch weight management

Catch weight for Sage X3 is an add-on of critical importance for Food and Process manufacturing industries such as dairy, meat, pharmaceutical, chemical, steel and paper. In these industries, purchase is made in bulk, and the weight of the end product varies, thus making catch weight management essential pre-requisite for managing business processes such as inventory control, costing, reducing taxation and accurate invoicing of customers. Greytrix with a track record of proven success with industry leaders, addresses the challenges by introducing catch weight tracking system in Sage X3. It lets you bill the customer based on the exact weight, rather than the original estimate derived from the average weight. It accounts for the scenario wherein the products that are purchased in the same unit are sold. However, due to processing or environmental factors, unit weight may decrease between the time items are sourced and brought to market. Ex: Meat suffers shrinkage due to evaporation over a period of storage. With Greytrix Catch weight add-on for Sage X3, food and process manufacturing industries can achieve accuracy in their value chain.

Scope of Catch Weight Management in Sage X3

“Catch weight” as the term indicates captures the weight of an item at the time of selling & shipping. Greytrix Catch weight add-on for Sage X3 makes use of two independent units of measurement – an inventory unit and a catch weight unit. Inventory unit is the measure of the unit in which the product is weighed and invoiced whereas catch weight unit is the measure of the unit where the inventory is sold and shipped. In other words, one unit of a product is used as a stock unit for inventory management and another unit i.e. weight unit is often used for measuring the value of a product. So we consider Catch weight functionality as part inventory feature. But its ramifications extends to other modules of Sage X3 ERP as well. To understand this, consider that a customer is selling poultry, fertilizer, carbon fiber rolls or any other product that requires catch weight tracking, they must address the functionality throughout the ERP and warehouse management system (WMS) process to seamlessly manage catch weights. Ultimately, in absence of cross-functional software support, accurate inventory cost and customer pricing is impossible to deliver.

So the workflows and software modules must be adapted to support a catch weight are:

  • Purchasing
  • Shipping/receiving
  • Estimating
  • Stock labeling
  • Job costing
  • Production planning and MRP
  • Price determination
  • Invoicing

Catch weight add-on is critical to support accurate:

  • Billing
  • Tax charge application
  • Stock level verification
  • Inventory valuation

Companies who don’t have sufficient tools to meet the listed challenges, noting that their competitiveness, customer satisfaction, and, indeed, overall profitability all suffer.

catch weight sage add-on

catch weight sage x3

Improve costing with Sage X3 Catch weight add-on

Greytrix Sage X3 Catch weight add-on allows businesses to automatically track and identify the average weight of an item as well as an actual weight of the item seamlessly throughout the business workflow with ERP and warehouse management processes, calculating cost prices in either the standard unit of measure or in kilograms.


Accurate invoicing of products

Greytrix Sage X3 Catch weight add-on enhances customer satisfaction by billing customers for the products based on the exact weight which they have received, rather than the original estimate based on the average weight of a unit that differs from its exact weight due to processing and environmental factors.

Benefits of Catch Weight Management

Greytrix with the functionality of Catch weight management in Sage X3 addresses the following benefits of process and manufacturing industry. They include:

  • Supporting products that vary in weight from piece to piece. E.g. meat items, fish items, fruit items etc.
  • Accurate pricing of items by weight or selling them by piece.
  • Weight may be entered by the piece, the case or in total for the invoice line
  • Accurate invoice details with catch weight and unit of measure details for products sold.
  • Multiple packaging variations for each product.
  • Recorded weight captured at the time of purchase or shipment.
  • Flexible and scalable pricing by catch weight.
  • Integrated quality control processes from receipt through production and shipping.
  • Product lot tracking

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