Salesforce - Sage X3 
Every organization in order to achieve continuous growth should engage itself in integrating its business software solutions. When focus is on achieving immediate revenue targets, planning and integrating functional software tools and applications with ERP solution often takes back-seat. As a result of these disconnected software solutions inefficiencies creep in, manual data entry and data duplication affects employee productivity which in turn affects the end customer experience. So how does one achieve this front-end and back-end integration to optimise the business software solutions?

With Greytrix unique GUMU™ CRM integration you can integrate your Sage Enterprise Management (formerly known as Sage X3) with Salesforce Cloud CRM solution so you can have the best of both worlds. 

Real – Time, Bi-directional Data Exchange

Real – Time, Bi-directional

Today’s business climate demands faster and comprehensive information of their customer and their associated interactions. This is why real time is not a choice in a fast pace environment. With GUMU™ Integration, updates on customers’ orders, invoices status and changes to customer information is available real time and bi-directionally in and Sage X3.


Try GUMU™ integration today with features so compelling to provide your organization with a chance to test and evaluate the integration benefits for a true ROI assessment. A complete bi-directional integration with ability to promote customer and order data from to Sage ERP

Security Matrix

It is important to maintain confidentiality, control and flexibility on the access rights of ERP data access to profiles or users. With GUMU™, businesses can now control access and transactional updates to Sage X3 using security rights. Accounting data is in the hands of your team or individual that benefits from its information and you can control the visibility with a unique security matrix.

Authorization Control

Cloud Access to ERP Data

Cloud Access to ERP Data

With a unique advantage of 24/7 access, limited IT investment requirement and cloud capabilities of, ERP information is now obtained from any location and whenever it’s needed. Viewing product updates, pricing changes or customer transactional updates is now possible by integrating your Sage X3 application with Salesforce for a 360° overview of your customer data.
Benefits of Salesforce - Sage X3 Integration
  • Based on real - time data, Management can make informed decisions & identify business opportunities.
  • Sales person can extract real-time client information on-the-go.
  • Enhanced client experience due to faster resolution of queries and personalized responses.
  • Increased employee productivity due to data consistency and reduced manual efforts.
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