Integration of Salesforce – Sage ERP

Greytrix offers GUMU™ integration for Salesforce with Sage ERP systems - a best of breed solution for organizations to enhance their customer interaction. With Salesforce and Sage ERP integration, you have actionable customer information. 24x7x365 accessibility provides a real edge to virtual workforces, enabling employees to work without being tied to their office desk, desktop or office servers. Instead, employees can resolve customer queries and contact prospects on-the-go and access real-time data on their personal portable devices such as mobiles or tablets. By delivering more actionable and frequent customer insights, employees can increase productivity, thereby optimizing the IT investments in Sage ERP and Salesforce cloud-based CRM.


Available GUMU™ Integration are

salesforce sage erp integration

Features of Salesforce – Sage ERP Integration

Real-time, bi-directional data visibility

Businesses today demand faster and comprehensive information of their customer and their associated interactions. Real-time access to crucial data is not a choice but a necessity in a fast pace environment. With GUMU™ Integration for Salesforce with Sage ERP, updates on customers’ orders, invoices status and updating customer information executed real time and bi-directionally in Salesforce and Sage ERP.


Try GUMU™ integration on Salesforce AppExchange today with features so compelling to provide your organization with a chance to test and evaluate the integration benefits for a true ROI assessment. A complete bi-directional integration with the ability to promote customer and order data from to Sage ERP.

Secured Access to Business Data

It is important to maintain confidentiality, control and flexibility of the access rights to the ERP data from Salesforce users. With GUMU™ Integration for Salesforce with Sage ERP, businesses can control access to Sage ERP using security rights feature. Accounting data is in the hands of your team or individual that benefits from its information and you can secure this data and control its visibility effectively with security matrix. 


Data Access – Anytime, Anywhere

With a unique advantage of 24/7 access, limited IT investment requirement and cloud capabilities of Salesforce, ERP information can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Cross device interface of ERP and CRM makes it feasible to access critical information of leads, customers and orders, view product updates, pricing changes, transactional updates and also promoting customers and orders to Sage ERP on the go from smart devices such as mobile

salesforce integration with sage erp

salesforce sage erp integration

Entity Sync between Salesforce - Sage ERP

Entity synchronization feature gives your business the flexibility to map / import any custom or standard Sage X3 entity data into Salesforce objects. This can further be leveraged to perform analysis using any Wave analytics, Dashboard reporting and Visual charts. With the cloning feature you can reformat / filter/ restructure existing entity without disturbing its original form and use it for specific purpose. You can set entity sync schedules as per your need and it is also possible to support multiple sync of entities with processes running in the back ground. Log tracking functionality provides you with complete progress track.


Flexibility to Configure Custom Fields in Salesforce

GUMU™ Integration for Salesforce with Sage ERP allows you to add or create new inquiries in Salesforce system as per your business needs based on the Sage X3 data. Modify existing inquiries to include custom fields in Salesforce reflecting associated Sage X3 data.

Benefits of Salesforce – Sage ERP Integration
  • Based on real-time data, management can make informed decisions & identify business opportunities
  • Sales person can extract client information in real-time and on the go
  • Enhanced client experience due to faster resolution of queries and personalized responses
  • Increased employee productivity due to data consistency and no efforts to correct duplication
  • Cohesive and reliable integrated data for efficient decision making


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