Extending your services through Mobility

Today, the proliferation of smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets has led to its applicability in diverse sectors of the industry. From healthcare, retail trade, finance to non-profit organizations, all industries want their business solutions to be extended on to handheld devices. The core reason being able to offer services anywhere anytime, increasing customer engagement and enhancing business. However, the rapid evolution of the mobile technology, regular upgrades and patches, compatibility with different devices and the different architecture of the platform become mounting challenges for industries. 

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Embark your mobility journey with Greytrix


Greytrix with its skilled techno-functional engineers expertizes in developing native apps for IOS, Android and Windows phones. We use Xcode IDE for Apple platforms such as iPhones and iPads. Android SDK for Android phones and Windows Phone SDK and Visual Studio 2012 for Windows devices.

Greytrix is also involved in developing business applications for the SME segment, which includes integration with Sage CRM, Survey Management, and so on. We also develop prototypes of key design and layout aspects, sketching concepts, usability testing, as well as the final mock-up for user friendly mobile applications

One Hybrid Solution built on multiple platforms


HTML5 and CSS3 are the core technologies used for developing web applications suitable for both, desktop and mobile devices. This assists in providing services to customers anytime and anywhere. Today, hybrid applications are one of the most sought after mobile solutions. Their popularity is due to its very own feature of being able to function every web app on multiple devices, without any OS restrictions. This means that the same web app is supported by IOS, as well as by Android and Windows phones.


For more information on Greytrix Mobility Services, write to us at us.sales@greytrix.com

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