Bringing substance to style

Apparel, Footwear and Accessories Distributors and Retailers are in a highly competitive, trend driven industry. Each of them wants to have First mover advantage in the target markets. “Fast fashion” is no longer a cliché but the new Business reality. Launching a new design is just not enough to sustain but to have a strong backend tools to manage the inventory inorder to sustain in long run is equally important.

GreyMatrix - Apparel Integration

Mastering Complexity in GreyMatrix - Apparel Integration

Mastering Complexity
Distributors/ Retailors work in a very complex environment. They stock countless items segregated based on their Style, Color, Size, etc. They have to supply this stock to number of retail chains in their network. The inventories have to be managed timely in order to achieve rapid time-to-market. Thus there is high requirement of efficiency in software deployed.
Transparency, Traceability and Accountability

With GreyMatrix Add-on tool, Distributors/ Retailers can now achieve transparency, traceability, accountability in their business which ultimately results into increased revenues.


GreyMatrix solutions offers

  • Help to maintain, transact and analyze your Inventory
  • Simplifies process for procurement, sales & distribution.
  • Generates reports for Receiving slip, Picking slip, Tax Invoicing and Purchase order along with Style images
  • It seamless Integration with Sage 300 ERP
  • Gives distributors/ retailers options to Unlimited Style, Color & Size

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Inventory Control of GreyMatrix-Apparel Integration


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