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An innovative and automation-driven connector platform that enables on-demand or scheduled data synchronization


What is GUMU™

A modern web API framework, available as a single-click SaaS platform for agile business needs. This highly efficient, cost-effective solution comes with out-of-the box data mapping abilities enabling seamless app integrations and system migration.


We are the Champion

Here's Why

Cutting-edge competence

  • 18+ connector apps
  • 23+ years of expertise
  • Leading industry solution provider

No-code integration

  • No manual mapping required
  • Simple plug and play type
  • One-click data synchronization

Ingenious framework

  • Serverless and securely hosted on Azure
  • SaaS native cloud connector
  • Independently deployable enabling parallel execution

Bespoke services

  • Supports customization to suit unique needs
  • Integrate multiple applications with each other
  • Data integration can be triggered on demand or scheduled

Superior data visibility

  • Flawless data flow between the systems
  • Uniform view to all organizational data
  • Easy promotion of data

Efficient workflows

  • Importing clean data to maintain existing business logic
  • Easy-to-use
  • Secured login web-based environment


Popular Connectors

Design and implement the functionality of diverse software systems by quick integrations through GUMU™ cloud connectors. Streamline the front and back office operations for a consolidated view across the organization.

d365 crm acumatica integration

Popular Apps

Popular Apps

15+ Apps

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5+ Apps





Acclaimed for client satisfaction and all-around services

I'm very happy to have received the exceptional support of Pritesh and Aditya during this implementation process, as they went above and beyond to meet our needs while fixing our problems, and they really made a difference on the first impression we had when dealing with all the initial challenges. They were very knowledgeable and worked very hard to ensure all issues were fixed in a timely manner. They were also very patient as we learned about the GUMU product and its features, took the time to explain everything in detail ensuring we had everything we needed to be successful with the transition, and with our Go Live.

Heidi Araiza Customer Service Manager, Danica