Take your office paperless!

While transactions can be recorded easily in a comprehensive ERP like Sage 300, there is often a need to streamline processes, go paperless, and bring all documentation onto a single platform to maintain data integrity. The Greytrix Document Attachment Add-On for Sage 300 ERP helps enterprises to do just that. It is a comprehensive add-on that enables users to attach, refer, and view documents related to transactions entered into Sage 300 ERP.


Some of the key features of Greytrix Document Attachment for Sage 300 ERP include:

Greytrix Document Attachment Add-On for Sage 300 ERP

Greytrix Attachment Minimized Paper Based Documentation

Minimized Paper-Based Documentation

Since authentication documents for each transaction remain readily available on the system, organizations no longer need to manage paper-based documents that require a high degree of manual intervention. Critically, it minimizes the hassle of audits.

Simplified Information Retrieval

With the Greytrix Document Attachment Add-On, users can retrieve information pertaining to transactions in a cinch while being able to view the attached documents directly from the transaction screen in Sage 300 ERP. What’s more, documents can be stored and retrieved from anywhere over the network.

Greytrix Document Attachment Simplified Information Retrieval

Greytrix Document Attachment Improved Process Consistency

Improved Process Consistency

The document attachment add-on takes away the complexity of referring to multiple document sources when authenticating a transaction. By bringing all documentation onto the same platform, it gives users a 360-degree view of every transaction that introduces higher levels of process consistency and efficiency into the system.


For more information on Greytrix Document Attachment for Sage 300 ERP, write to sage@greytrix.com


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