Custom Document Numbering to Suit Your Needs

With an organization’s footprint now spanning multiple lines of business, functions, accounting calendars, and geographical locations, enterprise software needs to have the flexibility to meet several unique requirements. One such special need is the one to have distinct document numbering series. Greytrix’s Document Numbering Add-On for Sage 300 ERP provides enterprises with a simple and cost-effective way to work around Sage 300 ERP’s out-of-the-box document numbering system so that documents become easier to use, manage, and secure.


Some of the key features of Greytrix Document Numbering for Sage 300 ERP include:

Greytrix Document Numbering for Sage 300 ERP

Easy Use Tool in Greytrix Document Numbering for Sage 300 ERP

Simple, Easy-To-Use Tool

The solution’s intuitive, user-friendly interface allows administrators to set up distinct numbering structures for each document type effectively, efficiently, and quickly.

Superior Flexibility

With Greytrix Document Numbering Add-On, organizations enjoy the flexibility of easily forming number series consisting of different segments. Some of the included segments are Prefix (Document Type), Number, Location, and custom fields. Further, a unique Document Structure Code can be assigned to each structures setup.

Greytrix Document Numbering Superior Flexiblity

Greater Transaction Control

Easy document tracking, streamlined document management, and the option of adding descriptive values in the description field enable enterprises to exercise greater control over business transactions.


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