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Greytrix’s GUMU™ QuickBooks – Sage 300 Migration eliminates the need to spread your resources across multiple disparate systems. Executed with just a few clicks, our solution helps enterprises to realize the value of a migration by delivering benefits of the new system faster than ever before. So whether it is managing customer relationships or getting an innovative product out to the market, our solution plays a key role in streamlining operations.


Some of the key benefits of GUMU™ QuickBooks – Sage 300 Migration include:

GUMU QuickBooks – Sage 300 ERP Migration

GUMU Business Visibility

Improved Business Visibility

GUMU™ enables business users to create, manage, and share critical business context in the data migration process by providing superior visibility and control. By simplifying access to mission-critical data on a common platform, it empowers teams to explore more revenue generating opportunities and reduce time-to-market for innovative, new products.

Easier Data Management

The migration increases efficiency and meets an organization’s need for data security, data sub-setting, and data archiving. Enterprise data comes onto a single platform while data is normalized into table target formats and loaded into Sage 300 cost-effectively without custom coding resulting in quick data access, integration, and delivery.

Data Management in Sage 300 ERP-Quickbooks Migration

Maximizes IT Investment in Sage 300 ERP-Quickbooks Migration

Maximizes IT Investment

Rather than distributing valuable resources – time, expertise, and money – across multiple systems, the migration helps the company to retire QuickBooks and includes data archival after migration into Sage 300 ERP. As a result, the organization saves on operational costs while eliminating the outlay on maintaining QuickBooks. 

Access to Superior Capabilities

Developed over numerous engagements spanning many years, Greytrix’s robust migration framework enables a seamless extraction of data from legacy systems with zero impact on operational performance during data migration. Importantly, the migration from QuickBooks to Sage 300 ERP offers significant flexibility to meet every enterprise’s unique needs.


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Sage 300 ERP-Quickbooks Migration Superior Capabilities


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