Migration made easy!

Greytrix’s GUMU™ Sage Pro – Sage 300 ERP Migration eliminates the inconvenience of system modernization while making migration affordable. This solution leverages Greytrix’s extensive expertise in Sage software and our robust migration framework to deliver a truly smooth and seamless experience to customers. Customers have repeatedly chosen our migration solution because of its increased flexibility, lower risk, minimum disruptions, and reduced costs.


Some of the key benefits of Sage Pro – Sage 300 ERP Migration include:

GUMU Sage Pro – Sage 300 ERP Migration

Greytrix Robust Migration Framework

Robust Migration Framework

Greytrix’s robust migration framework developed over multiple engagements spanning several years enables a seamless extraction of data from legacy systems with zero impact on operational performance during data migration. Importantly, the migration from Sage Pro ERP to Sage 300 ERP offers significant flexibility to meet every enterprise’s unique needs.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The migration helps the company to retire Sage Pro ERP and includes data archival after migration into Sage 300 ERP. As a result, the organization saves on operational costs while reducing the outlay on maintaining Sage Pro ERP. 

Easy Migration from Sage Pro ERP to Sage 300 ERP

Business Performance of Sage Pro ERP to Sage 300 ERP Migration

Superior Business Performance

The migration to Sage 300 ERP promises greater visibility and control for business users to create, manage, and share critical business context in the data migration process. This empowers teams to explore more revenue generating opportunities and reduce time-to-market for innovative, new products.


For more information on Greytrix Sage Pro – Sage 300 ERP Migration, write to us at sage@greytrix.com


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