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While the potential of Sage CRM – Sage ERP is tremendous - it’s time to consider a well-tuned breed of enterprise collaboration tools with an ability to surpass and accelerate business processes. Greytrix GUMU™ connector is a framework that offers Sage CRM integration with Sage ERP (Sage X3 | Sage 100 (MAS 90/200) | Sage 300 (Accpac) | Sage 500 (MAS 500) | Sage PRO). It is designed to offer better control over accounting, invoicing, cash-flow and inventory of enterprises with an end-to-end visibility. Thus, offering real-time visibility of enterprise information anytime, anywhere driving business productivity and profitability.


Greytrix with its powerful GUMU™ connector for CRM – ERP systems enable you to derive maximum value from your business systems by providing the most direct path to achieve zero complexity. Greytrix GUMU™ integration solution empowers the enterprise to leverage information within the organization to make smarter business decisions while making data available across desktop, web and mobile devices. Thereby optimizing your investments in Sage CRM and Sage ERP.


Available GUMU™ Integrations are:

sage crm and sage erp integration

Features of Sage CRM Integration with Sage ERP: 

Real-time Bi-directional Integration

GUMU™ connector for CRM – ERP systems allows users to selectively sync data between systems depending on business needs on bi-directional basis. Company’s master data comprising addresses, contact details and transactions can be viewed on user-friendly Sage CRM tabs for a particular customer. Sage CRM Company can be promoted as Sage ERP Customer or Vendor.


Easy Access to Data from Portable Devices

Critical information regarding Leads, Customers and Orders can be accessed across devices desktops, mobiles, and tablets ensuring that sales and service teams respond quicker to customer needs. Sage CRM with Sage ERP Integration provides the same view on all the devices. Sales reps can view Sales Orders on the go along with a user- friendly view of the line items, delivery status and related information.

Authorization Control

GUMU™ Security Matrix empowers System Administrators by allowing them to set different access levels with prescribed user privileges. This allows CRM System Administrator to provide restrictive access to ERP data.


Seamless Mapping of Customer Details from Sage ERP to Sage CRM

Sage CRM – Sage ERP Integration is designed to seamlessly import customer details from Sage ERP into Sage CRM. Users can also opt for easy mapping of their Customer records that existed in the system.


Multi-Company Integration

With an integrated Sage CRM - Sage ERP system, Sage CRM Admin can map Sage ERP Salesperson with Sage CRM users. The information is used to set Salesperson on the Sales Order that will be promoted to Sage ERP. This feature eliminates the selection of Salesperson on Order Entry for easy & proper commission calculation on the ERP end.

sage crm sage erp integration

gumu integration sage crm erp

Unified View of Customer Data

GUMU™ Integration enables organizations to view customer details, invoices and orders that have been generated in Sage CRM. This provides customer-facing personnel easy access to the data required to effectively cross-sell and up-sell.


Multi-Currency Support

GUMU™ connector eliminates manual computation of error-prone currency conversions. With multi-currency support, you can create orders in Sage CRM with the currency value defined in Sage 500 | Sage X3.


Secure Order Promotion & Order Visibility

Sage CRM Admin controls the system and configures Promote Order rights to Sage CRM users. This ensures security for users to promote orders in Sage ERP from Sage CRM. The seamless integration also allows superior order visibility of information on promoted Orders.

Streamlined Customer Response System

With CRM - ERP integration, inquiry recording and follow-up are streamlined because both systems are effectively linked. This is enabled by the creation of Sage CRM Quotes and Discounts using pricing in Sage ERP. Later, when required, these Quotes can be converted to Orders in Sage ERP using standard Sage CRM functionality.


Effortless Multitasking

GUMU™ integration for Sage CRM with Sage ERP drives easy handling of multiple queries or multiple companies at an instance providing the user with a highly efficient user experience. Additionally, multiple companies in Sage ERP are integrated at an instance with Sage CRM thus simplifying enterprise operations.


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crm erp integration effortless multitasking


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