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Customer Portal

Customer Portal Brick – and – mortar firms look out for solutions that would assist them to enter the market quickly, cost-effectively and scale as they grow. In this pursuit, eCommerce web store becomes a critical channel for business across industry. With volume of business swelling due to increasing popularity of the web store, there is heightened customer service expectations.  It then becomes very essential that companies provide incredible customer portal to keep customers engaged and returning to their web store.   The customer portal allows businesses to provide their customers with a highly personalized and interactive service. It does so by enabling customers to complete transactions, service themselves and share feedback, among other things.  

CRM Self - Service

CRM Self - Service Self-Service Portal: The next step towards Customer Service An immediate access to information without having to wait for an email response or telephone call is what a customer expects from any service. Today, self-service portals have made its onset in industries and they are slowly progressing replacing the traditional deskbound customer service. According to a report from Gartner, 72% of customers have started using self-service web portals that provides resolution to their product/service related queries. Retrieval of a lost password, instant access of important data from the knowledge center without any difficulty has been possible with self-service portals. Self-service portals enable and empowers users to solve their own product related problems, thereby increasing the efficiency and reducing the reliance on level one support team. This eventually reduces the staffing costs which leaves with maintenance costs of the self-service portals. To bring mobility in managing queries of the clients and improving the response rate, we bring to your organization CRM Self-Service.

Sage CRM Mobile Service Signature

Sage CRM Mobile Service Signature CRM Mobile Service Signature enables Consultants to get approval and actual Client sign off of a Job, while still on the Client site. The Client can see the details of the Job listing on the Consultants mobile device and sign off the job sheet, on the touchscreen, there and then. Seamlessly integrated with Sage CRM, the Job Sheet is then automatically saved to the client file in CRM, along with the attached client signature. CRM Mobile Service Signature is compatible with Android Tablets and Phones and the iPhone/iPad.

Showing Page 1 - 1 to 4 of 4 results