How to setup Web Services for a User in Sage CRM.

By | September 2, 2016

Web service enables developers to manipulate CRM records remotely with SOAP over HTTP using XML. We can Create/Read/Update/Delete records for each exposed standard and custom entities using Sage CRM Web Services API externally through an application.
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But before Web Services can be accessed, a User account needs to be set up for Web Services. To set up a User for Web Services access, User with system admin rights should perform below mentioned steps:
1) Select Administration | Users then find the user who you want to be able to access Web Services.
2)Scroll down to the Security Profile panel, set the Allow Web Service Access field to True.
3) Hit the Save button.
Configuration Settings
Kindly note only one web service user can log on with the same ID at any given time. If a user tries to log in another application, an error will be displayed informing the user that they should first log out. However, it is possible to log on to the desktop or from a device with the same ID while a Web Service application is running.
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