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Sage CRM Mobile Service Signature Is Compatible With Sage CRM 2020

In the current year i.e. 2020 Sage has come up with the latest release of Sage CRM (2020R1 and 2020R2). These new updated versions are come up with additional features and compatibilities. Also, most of the minor bugs related to custom entities are fixed in these versions. Sage CRM Mobile Signature will help you to… Read More »

Incorporate Case filter screen in Self Service portal

Sage CRM Portal has improved User experience by extending Customer’s access to the data inputted by them as well as updated by the vendor. A fully responsive version of Self Service portal has provided Menu options to log and search the Ticket details. But, have you ever thought of accommodating certain changes to ease the… Read More »

Shipment and Invoice Process in CRM

Here with this blog, I would like to explain you how Shipment and Invoice process can be integrated in Sage CRM using Sage 300 ERP Web Service. As we know Sage CRM can be seamlessly integrated with Sage 300 ERP which allow users to check the actual Inventory and pricing before sending a quotation to… Read More »

Web Service Configurations in Sage CRM

It is critical to gain an understanding of Web Services configurations in CRM, as in day to day business practices we will keep on coming across the applications which need to communicate with CRM. The basic configurations for sage CRM web services can be done as mentioned below. Go to Administration |  System |  Web Services. The Web… Read More »

Enabling entities for web service access

Standard CRM web service allows CRM to communicate with external applications. In client application all we need to do is to accesses the WSDL URL of service and prepare and send the request. The web services then processes the request and sends the response back to the client. These request response samples can be found… Read More »

Enable Sage CRM Entity for WebService

Sage CRM has very well implemented Entity structure to address the concerns of many business modules and efficient methods to access them from COM API as well as external utilities. We can design and implement Primary as well as secondary entities on the fly based on the requirement. All these entities are consolidated under single… Read More »