Greytrix and Creatio Collaborate to Transform CRM Solutions

May 13, 2024 – Mumbai – Greytrix-Creatio Partnership was our highlight of this month. Creatio is a global leader of no-code platform automating workflows & giving businesses maximum freedom. This partnership aims to simplify workflows and CRM for businesses of all sizes. As a long-term business management solutions provider, Greytrix offers Implementation, Consulting, and a suite of professional services, including Integration and Customized Development. With our strong reputation of delivering best-in-class solutions tailored to your unique business needs, we’re proud to join hands with Creatio.

Partnership Benefits:

Commenting on the partnership, Dhiraj Singh, CRM VP & Integration Cloud, Greytrix, stated,
“By joining forces with Creatio, we not only reaffirm our standing as visionary leaders in our field but also propel ourselves to new heights of innovation. Their intuitive platform seamlessly complements our expertise, and we eagerly anticipate empowering clients with best-in-class solutions.”
The Creatio and Greytrix partnership is all about innovation, excellence, and making customers happy. We team up to give businesses the tools they need to succeed in today’s changing market. Creatio’s user-friendly platform works perfectly with our expertise, so our clients get the best solutions.

About Creatio

Creatio is a global vendor of one platform to automate workflows and CRM with no-code and maximum degree of freedom. Millions of workflows are launched on our platform daily in 100 countries by thousands of clients. Genuine care for our clients and partners is a defining part of Creatio’s DNA.

About Greytrix

Greytrix is a leader in providing Business Management solutions, specializing in ERP and CRM systems. With 24+ years of experience across 50+ countries, we serve a diverse client base of 2000+ across various industries. Trusted by 350+ business partners, we prioritize innovation to optimize operations and drive growth through mobile, cloud, and IoT development.

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