B2B Commerce
B2B Market has immense potential, the key to exploring this potential is through Magento platform that can provide convoluted solution to this market. Brick – and – mortar firms often look out for solutions that would assist them to enter the market quickly, cost-effectively and scale as they grow.
With Magento B2B firms are open to adopting it due to scalability and flexibility of this platform and with Greytrix as your trusted development and integration partners, we help you to exploit Magento’s full potential to expand your business. Usability of Magento is so effortless that though B2B business being complex in its operations, users experience ease of B2C business. Organizations are able to enhance their productivity, grow their business and increase their average order value with more cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Results of adopting Magento have been so encouraging that more and more B2B companies are looking forward to adopting it to fuel their current and future eCommerce plans.

B2B Commerce

B2B Features

B2B Features 

Greytrix empowers you to deliver cutting edge commerce experience to your business buyers.


1. Company level login 

B2B Commerce sites are accessed by companies, wholesalers or distributors as customers. Employees or contact person are the ones who place orders on the eCommerce web store. Greytrix ensure that you exploit company level login feature in Magento to manage company accounts, associate their contacts with the companies, and ensure the contacts have company addresses assigned for billing and shipping purposes. With this option the contact person can login and be able view product catalogue with company specific product list or pricing and place the orders on behalf of the company. 

2. Order management

Now no need to re-enter the orders in your ERP, just let the user’s place their orders in Magento and our sync routine will automatically push it into your ERP system populating all the relevant information along with any custom fields you may have mapped. Whether you are a single store or multi store, our integration handles it all allowing you to bring together your orders from your Magento site into your ERP and have a single inventory level managed across, plus allowing users to track the progress of their order as it changes in ERP by updating the status to Magento in a timely manner. 

B2B Order Management

Customer specific pricing

3. Customer specific pricing

In B2B Commerce, each customer may have different and complex pricing per product. In Magento we provide you with custom pricing to customers, including negotiated prices, volume discounts and flexible payment terms. While majority of the items are ordered in bulk, few customized products have a made to order option as well.

Prices can be varied based on

  • Customer Type
  • Order Size
  • Order Frequency
  • Price level

It is important to integrate pricing rules within the business system so that customer is able to purchase the product within its price limit.

4. Customer specific product catalogue

B2B Commerce requirement are more complex and unique in nature as compared to B2C, having an ability to define a customer specific product catalogue that is visible to an individual or specific Group is one of those requirements. With this feature, you are able to define a separate product catalogue and assign it to an individual or specific group or category of customers so once they or their representatives they are only able to see this catalogue which may not be visible to others.   


For more information on Greytrix B2B Commerce, write to us at us.sales@greytrix.com

Customer specific product catalogue


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