B2C Commerce


Magento platform is dynamic, feature rich and SEO friendly. It can be accessed, controlled and edited by its authorized user and it gives you flexibility to the user to vary contents such as images and its descriptive text thereby making it user friendly. Magento platform has a robust architecture with a strong framework integrating several useful applications. Most of the integrated applications and tools are customizable making the architecture suitable for custom eCommerce development.  Thereby seller can easily update the content of product categories on your eCommerce easily. Third party apps can easily be integrated to the Magento architecture that, in turn, makes online store versatile functionally.

B2C Commerce

Essentials of B2C Commerce

Essentials of B2C Commerce

To reach out to your global clientele take your eCommerce business on global front using Magento platform. Essential features in going global is having – language translation and currency conversion depending on the countries you desire to set your business in. These functionality of Magento facilitates growth and expansion of online retail business on the global platform. eCommerce websites based on Magento are SEO friendly thereby it gets easy to track performance and progress of your website on regular basis. Magento provides ease to integrate Third party tools and additional features that large eCommerce websites require.

Greytrix offers a comprehensive solution to integrate Magento with Sage ERP which meets all e-Commerce requirements related to B2C businesses.



While dealing with B2C ecommerce normally you don’t track customers as you treat them as cash customer. With Greytrix we provide you multiple options depending on your business requirement; you can either opt. to treat all customers as CASH customer and orders created would get tagged against a generic cash customer in your ERP or you can also opt to create individual customers in ERP e.g. all guest customers can be treated as CASH customers and all Registered customers can be synchronized as individual customers in ERP and their purchase history can be tracked for marketing perspective.



Greytrix ensures synchronization of products uploaded from Sage ERP to the web store with all its specifications. Details such as descriptions, pricing and images will be appropriately updated.

Magento with Sage ERP B2C Businesses

Orders & Payment

Orders & Payment

Orders from web store will be generated as order of type normal order / direct invoicing order in Sage ERP. Generated order will have appropriate details such as billing / shipping addresses, prices, taxes, freight and payments.

Deliveries and Invoicing will be done in Sage ERP. Appropriate status will be updated back into Magento for users to track; marking the concerned orders as shipped or invoiced.


Stock Updates

Greytrix ensure precise inventory levels are maintained in your web store by taking real time stock updates from Sage ERP.


For more information on Greytrix B2C Commerce, write to us at us.sales@greytrix.com


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